Annual update of Force Technology certificates for Cat6A and Cat7

Every year we send in maintenance links to Force Technology in Denmark to verify that our products are up to the excellent quality they are designed for.

The tests carried out on the communication cabling under test are performed according to the standard:

  • IEC 61935-1 Specification for the testing of balanced and coaxial information technology cabling - Part 1: Installed balanced cabling as specified in ISO/IEC 11801 and related standards.

Examples of the tests performed are Attenuation, Near end crosstalk (NEXT), return loss, propagation delay to mention some.

Cables used:  BC-10-001 BC Cat7 S/FTP and BC-10-021 BC Cat6A S/FTP.
Connectors used: BC-11-004 and BC-11-006 BC Cat6A STP keystone connector.
Horizontal link lengths: 90m and 15m.

The conclusion for these tests by Force Technology was that the tested sample complies with the applied requirements.

Cat7 link test certificate
Cat6A link test certificate

Tests are also available at Force Technology web page.


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